This website is owned and run by me, Emily Lawrence and my husband, Jerry. We’re a couple of 30-something year olds, married, no kids, from Montauk. We’re just a couple of nerds who are in love with the Hamptons which is why we decided to launch the website.

My husband works as a web developer so he’s the one that helps me with the website. I work as a marketing consultant for a firm based in New York. I mostly work from home though. Holiday In The Hampton website I started to motivate myself to go out more. Working from home can be a bit difficult at times. My hope is that with the website up and running I’ll have to go out and cover new interesting places to visit in the Hamptons. Besides, I love where I live, so it made sense to start this website to cover all the great things that Hamptons have to offer. Jerry helps with the website, but his job takes up most of his time. Thanks for visiting, subscribe and contact me with any questions. Cheers.