Holiday In The Hampton was envisioned as a web portal that serves as an information hub for anyone interested in vacationing in the Hamptons. Plan is to gather and provide our visitors with quick access to info such as resort recommendations, accommodation advice, must see sights, activities and more. Hamptons has something for everyone. From restaurants, wine tastings, horse riding and river rafting for adults to bicycle tours, camping trips and sports for the kids. Activities also exist for those who aren't the sporty type. For example there is a shop in Eastport that rents scooters, segways, hoverboards and even high quality starter drones for kids to play. They can make recordings of the Hamptons natural beauty using the drones video camera, here drones are often used for real estate marketing. That is actually something that I do with my kids from time to time.

Hamptons hopefully need no introductions. Those who are unfamiliar with Hamptons, it's a name for a group of villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, which are located on the eastern end of Long Island. For this reason Hampton is sometimes referred to as the East End. Hamptons is a popular seaside resort and features some of the most expensive homes on the East Coast. Southampton is the most affluent of the villages in the Hamptons. Area covering the modern Hamptons was once known for agriculture and fishing. There are a lot of farms that are still in operation.



Hampton has over a dozen resorts that are each rich with unique content and interesting sights. Ranging from tanning spas, beach resorts, to rustic wood cabin resorts, for those that enjoy spending time in nature. Beach resorts are especially popular with people who visit the Hamptons. Some of the more popular include Montauk Blue, Surf Club Resort, Oceanside Beach Resort and Panoramic View. Pricing for these resorts can be a bit on the pricey side, but I think it's worth it. Don't worry though. We'll also cover some of the more cheaper resorts. Believe it or not, but such a thing does exist, even in the Hamptons.



Best way to get familiar with a new area that you visit is by going on a tour. Luckily the Hamptons are riddled with tour paths that can be journeyed either on foot, on a bicycle or by using a car/bus/train. Alternative to land based tour there are also ocean cruises. Again, ocean cruises can be themed around relaxation, as in deluxe yachts, or you can charter fishing boats if you want to go out and catch fish. A tour exists for everyone. You will be able to read more about Hampton tourist tours in the future updates that we plan on posting to the website.

Photo gallery


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We've got thousands of photos ready for upload to our gallery. You might think that that's too much, but I like to travel Hamptons with my camera and things just happen. This might be bad for me, but it is definitely good for you because you get to enjoy lots of pictures that I've taken of the Hamptons. I tried to cover all the more interesting sights. Nature is my love, so you'll see a lot of random photos of nature. Anyway, gallery can be found over here.

Future plans


With time we hope to expand our website and our coverage of the Hamptons in order to give more information about this great holiday destination. Holiday In The Hampton is for the time being a love child of me and my husband. We have day jobs next to running this website so we might not be able to be here and work on the website as much as we can. Despite that we still have plans on how to make the website better.

We already mentioned that we're huge fans of the outdoors. One way how we get to enjoy the natural beauty of the Hamptons is through bicycle riding. We are a huge fans of cycling through the bike paths, viewing nature, taking photos and discovering new interesting sights that Hamptons have to offer. That's also how we get the lots of photos that are in the pipeline for upload to the photo gallery.  As we are discovering new and interesting resorts, bike paths, fun vacation activities, we'll add them to the website. Stay with us and we'll provide you with the best tips for your next vacation in the Hamptons. See you there soon.